Teaching Coaches. Guiding Parents. Molding Athletes. Fueling Passion!

About Rage to Master:

Founded in 2011, as a part-time passion we started creating and marketing sports related products online. Originally, co-founder Daryl Weber, created a hub to disseminate advice and training tips for wrestlers, coaches and parents. After proving their marketing systems Daryl and his brother Lee obtained financial backing to scale these systems into other verticals. Since then the company has expanded into health and fitness, mma and self defense with plans to move into more verticals. Our goal is to continue to build instructional sporting, health and fitness products to help mold future generations through the incredible life lessons and character traits developed in sports. We have offices in both Virginia and Iowa.

We’re driven, honest and upfront entrepreneurs that love working with hard & smart working people. We feel strongly about using our company to help others and more specifically help mold future generations with the values that we’ve seen proven to be crucial for happiness and success, that can be taught through a positive and constructive sporting environment.

We are always looking to work with positive and goal oriented people that like to dream big and work hard.

Our Mission:

Is to help build character, self confidence, and an internal drive as well as the many other life skills sports and athletics have to offer to 1,000,000 athletes over the next 5 years by giving them, their parents, and coaches access to world class teaching tools, coaching guidance and advice on maintaining a healthy developmental environment.

Our Core Values:

We believe in Dreaming Big and chasing lofty goals with hard and smart work.
We believe in being process oriented and making small steps forward everyday enables individuals to tap their full potential and achieve great things.
We believe talent is overrated and can be out performed by a positive attitude, determination, focus and resilience.
We believe the key to great personal and team growth is through taking action, making decisions, owning those decisions and embracing accountability.
We believe strong leaders know how to follow, learn, teach and mentor.
We believe that every member of a team should strive to be a leader.
We believe the "keys to the kingdom" are owned by those that know how to communicate best.
We believe that all great achievements are paved with failures and no great leader is afraid to fail.
We believe that you should win with humility and lose with grace.
We believe that a person should see value in all people and treat everyone the same.
We believe the first step to true growth and achievement starts by honestly looking at the person in the mirror.
We believe that true mental toughness is the ability to stay positive in the worst of times.
We believe that a big part of managing stressful situations and performing under pressure comes from focusing on what you can control and having a clear game plan.
We believe that gratitude is the best attitude.
We believe that great accomplishments, people and companies are cultivated from great systems.

What Is The Rage To Master?

Rage to Master:  The ability to relentlessly practice/train/work at the edge of your abilities that is essential for reaching ones maximum potential…  An intrinsic talent all great athletes and achievers develop and all great coaches/mentors can inspire…